Eastman Gallery is a 501(c)3 corporation that is owned and operated by Rozi Turnbull and Richard Eastman. It originated in Houston in 2001 and has served the Houston Art Community with exceptional Paintings, Pottery, Sculpture, Jewelry and Artisan Furniture for over 20 years.​

And since we are a non-profit organization, artists keep 100% of their sales.  We are open every Saturday from Noon til 5 pm, with Second and Third Saturdays having special events.
Resident Artists

Rozi Turnbull
Richard Eastman
Darlene Abdouch
Pam Ferworn
Karla Mock
Sandy Hartman
Krista Oberg
Kristen Ferguson
Glen Carpenter

Would you like to join our Gallery Family?  

Email Richard Eastman 
 with five images of your work 
and a selfie.
Richard Eastman