Classes are taught in Richard's Studio at his residence at 1045 Mansfield St. with the Studio on Hastedt Street, Garwood, TX 77442.  The studio is only one block from the gallery.
Our Art Classes are taught in a very fun, casual, hands-on and comprehensive way.  Students will learn valuable information that they will be able to utilize for a lifetime.  Taking our classes will also allow students the opportunity to participate in a special "Student Reception", held at Eastman Gallery, where we will showcase their work for the viewing of their family and friends.

Richard has taught on the university level in seven states, as well as in the studio, for over 32 years.  His design firm has won the Houston Award for 2013 and 2011, and is an accomplished business man and local TV personality.  We guarantee you will LOVE these classes!!!

Pottery and Painting 
June 2016 Classes